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James Cleverly says: there are no excuses left, we must introduce police body cameras into the Met –

james cleverly police body cameras

James Cleverly AM has asked Stephen Greenhalgh to introduce police body cameras into the Met.

Commenting, James Cleverly said,

“If we want to reduce paperwork and increase convictions we need to think creatively about ways to do this. Police body cameras have demonstrated that they can achieve both of these aims.1

“Pilots2 have demonstrated that they not only deter and prevent offences such as anti-social behaviour and domestic violence, but ensure high quality evidence is gathered.

“In doing so, police body cameras significantly reduce complaints about the police. They also support investigations by providing clear evidence. This will hugely boost morale as both the police and public become frustrated when someone, known to be guilty of an offence, is let off because evidence regarding identity has been challenged.

“The long-term cost savings are also significant. They reduce bureaucracy as officers can avoid writing long statements and simply refer to video footage. They also increase the likelihood that offenders will plead guilty, which reduces the number of lengthy court cases.

1. Light-weight cameras, worn on the upper body, which do not record continuously but are turned on by the officer when appropriate.

2. For example the Staffordshire trial experienced the following results from wearing body worn cameras:

  • Reduced time taken to file incident reports by 22%
  • Gives officers extra 50 minutes of patrol time per officer per day
  • No complaints recorded against officers using cameras
  • 73% respondents noted reduction in disorder & ASB