"Police and TfL must urgently clamp down on dangerous driving as London’s buses hit 2 people a day"

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Roger Evans

Alarming figures reveal over 15 pedestrians and cyclists are hit by London’s buses every week.* London Assembly Member Roger Evans is urging the Met Police Commissioner to see what can be done to cut down on the number of road accidents.

Roger Evans said:

“These figures are shockingly high. Since 2007, TfL buses have hit just under 2 pedestrians on average every day, and one cyclist every other day. If any other organisation had a similar road safety record I think we would be asking many more tough questions. That’s why I am asking what more the police can do to reduce these accidents. We also need re-assurance on how they can work together with TfL to ensure their drivers are operating safely. No organisation or individual should feel invincible when driving dangerously, and we must allay any concerns Londoners have about the quality of driving on our roads.”

*Collision data provided by TfL shows: since 1 April 2007, there have been over 145,533 collisions involving TfL buses, of which 3591 have involved pedestrians and another 1219 have involved bicycles. That means that, since 1 April 2007, there has been an average of 1.6 bus-pedestrians collisions every day and a bus-cyclist collision every other day, an average of over 15 pedestrians or cyclists per week are involved in collisions with TfL buses.

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