On 13th June 2012, the London Assembly will hold it’s monthly Mayor’s Question Time. Assembly Members from all parties will pose question’s to Boris Johnson regarding matters that are important to Londoners.

Below are the oral questions tabled by the GLA Conservative Group.


Crime Reduction on Public Transport
Question No: 1534 / 2012
Steve O’Connell

Why is crime on London’s transport network at an 8 year low?

Steve will question the Mayor on his successful fight against crime on the Tube and bus network which has led to a significant drop in crime on these modes of transport.


Heathrow Expansion
Question No: 1518 / 2012
Victoria Borwick

Given that airport capacity in the South East needs to expand, would you accept that if you oppose Heathrow expansion it is important to make the case for expansion elsewhere?

Victoria will question the Mayor about alternative options to a third runway at Heathrow, including the Estuary Airport option, linking Gatwick and Heathrow in a virtual hub, and increasing capacity at other airports in the South East. She will also make the wider point that development is moving to the east.


Shared Services
Question No: 1524 / 2012
Tony Arbour

H&F Council was involved in merging services to save on funds. With the former H&F Council leader appointed to run the MOPC, would you consider the possibility of police & council staff merging their work and multitasking more often in order to create efficiencies?

Tony will ask the Mayor what opportunities there are for further efficiencies in back office functions. Local authorities across London are already merging services with neighbouring boroughs, is this transferable to the GLA agencies?


A12 Junction at Newbury Park station
Question No: 1519 / 2012
Roger Evans

A spate of incidents at this junction have been caused by cars performing illegal U-turns across the carriageway. Will TfL and the Metropolitan Police take urgent steps to prevent U-turning at this location and save lives?

Roger will raise the issue of the A12 Junction at Newbury Park station, which is a major issue for his constituents. Roger is seeking a commitment from the Mayor to take action regarding illegal U-turns. This is an ongoing campaign issue in his constituency.


Olympic marketing protocol
Question No: 1517 / 2012
Andrew Boff

LOCOG’s ‘No marketing rights’ protocol and brand protection rules are starting to be enforced with ever increasing vigour, with the public being informed, for example, that they will not be able to upload videos or pictures of the Games onto social media platforms. Will you put pressure on LOCOG to relax these rules, or at least hold back on their enforcement, due to their potential to both limit the economic benefits of the Games, and severely dampen the spirits of the public who’s enthusiasm is so crucial to ensuring a successful Olympics?

Andrew will raise the issue of over zealous marketing protection by LOCOG, and highlight the danger of small businesses failing to capitalise on the economic benefits of the Olympics.


HS2 (2)
Question No: 1541 / 2012
Richard Tracey

Please list all the unfunded transport projects in London for which there is a better business case than HS2?

Richard will ask the Mayor about other projects that have the potential offer better returns on investment in London and the wider economy than the proposed HS2. There have been recent revisions of the cost benefit analysis attached to the scheme.


Royal Docks Enterprise Zone
Question No: 1512 / 2012
Andrew Boff

Independent research into the success of enterprise zones has continually argued that investment in skills and infrastructure are fundamental if lasting improvements are to be made, and future competitiveness assured. Investment in infrastructure at the Royal Docks is well documented. What investment is being made in skills for this area?

Andrew will ask the Mayor to elaborate on the work being done regarding skills in the new Royal Docks Enterprise Zone. Andrew has taken a keen interest in this part of London, and the economic opportunities that it offers for local residents.


Suburban Rail
Question No: 1539 / 2012
Richard Tracey

There has been some concern from those who commute into London that a TfL-run rail franchise might favour London at their expense. Has TfL considered releasing some provisional timetables to assuage these fears and show rail users what a TfL-run rail service would look like?

Richard will ask the Mayor to take forward his campaign to have a greater involvement in suburban rail services, by asking TfL to consider fleshing out more information relating to timetables for overland rail routes.


Follow up

For the answers to these questions please see our June MQT Summary Page.