Gareth Bacon, London Assembly Member, is today launching a report “Calling All Stations” to ask Transport for London (TfL) to implement Tube mobile coverage.

“TfL has been dragging their feet for too long and London is far behind in terms of mobile connectivity because of this. Paris and Berlin have had this technology since the late 1990’s and now cities such as Moscow, Rome, Seoul, and Beijing are able to make phone calls, text, and surf the web underground when we can’t.

“Every excuse to why London does not have mobile connectivity on the Tube is weak. The technology exists and TfL needs to make the kind of progress driven deals other world cities have made. This may mean TfL will gain a smaller percentage of the large profits this technology will reap, but at this point London needs to catch up.

“Mobile connectivity is no longer a simple convenience it is a requirement for a growth driven and competitive modern city.

Link to report on Tube Mobile Coverage