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Mayor’s ‘reckless’ TfL budget will bring many more tube strikes

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Sadiq Khan’s ‘Zero Strikes’ election pledge has always been considered laughable, but the disruption caused by these upcoming strikes will be no joke.

His recklessly tight budget will most likely lead to many more strikes over his term.

How he thought he could keep his ‘Zero Strikes’ promise while cutting the TfL budget to shreds with his partial fares freeze is beyond me.

An independent review has supported the previous Mayor’s decision to close ticket offices and improve staff visibility, making these strikes entirely pointless.

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Mayor ditches police numbers target weeks after raising council tax

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Removes £38million from Met’s police officer staffing budget

Responding to the Mayor’s decision to cut £38million from the Met’s recruitment budget, London Assembly member Gareth Bacon said:

“Even for a Mayor who has rowed back on almost all of his major pre-election pledges, this is an astonishing development.

“Just three weeks ago Sadiq Khan announced he was raising council tax in order to maintain a target of 32,000 police officers in London.

“Today he’s confirmed he is removing £38million from the Met’s police officer staffing budget, meaning it cannot afford to recruit any more than the current level of 31,000 officers.

“Does Sadiq Khan think he can just promise whatever seems popular at the time without having to deliver it? This kind of smoke and mirrors politics seriously undermines the office of the Mayor and could badly damage public confidence in London’s elected officials.”

False fares freeze: Commuters paying for Mayor’s broken promise

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– Fares to increase almost two per cent despite Sadiq Khan’s election pledge

Commuters are paying for the Mayor of London’s broken promise to freeze fares for all Londoners until 2020, says Keith Prince AM.

Fares have increased by 1.9 per cent in January, despite Sadiq Khan promising last year that ‘Londoners won’t pay a penny more in 2020 than they do today’.

Keith Prince, London Assembly member for Havering and Redbridge, said:

“The Mayor was crystal clear in his pre-election promise to freeze fares for Londoners until 2020 – and it is crystal clear who is to blame for it not being delivered.

“A total of 4.5 million regular commuters will see their fares go up this month, proof that the Mayor’s supposed fares freeze is a farce.

“By trying to deflect blame onto the government, Sadiq Khan is failing to take responsibility for his own promises. Londoners are now beginning to see the Mayor’s inability to deliver when it matters.”

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